The MCA program focuses on providing a sound theoretical background as well as good practical exposure to students in the relevant areas. It is intended to provide a modern, industry oriented education in applied computer science.

It covers various aspects of computational theory, programming, algorithm design and optimization, network and database management, mobile technologies, electronics, mathematics, probability, statistics, accounting, finance, etc.

:: Vision
“To become a center par-excellence in order to create hard-core professionals enriched with deep knowledge and high-level expertise in modern technology, out of young talents”

:: Mission
“Our mission is to facilitate quality engineering education to equip and enrich young men and women to meet global challenges in development, innovation and application to technology in the service of humanity”

About the department :

  • Established in the year 2008.
  • Mentored by Dr. T Vasudev.
  • Total number of students intake 120 per year. Total number of students currently enrolled in I,II & III year are 162.
  • The Dept of MCA imparts training for students to make them competent, motivated software professionals and technocrats.
  • The department not only support freedom of thought, but also encourages growth, cultivates human values and concern for the environment and the society.

Facilities :

  • MCA LAB is equipped with 60 HCL Systems, with 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 2.5GHz dual core processor.
  • HCL Laptops issued to I & II year students, with higher end configuration as per market standards.
  • Department has adopted visual aids for the effective teaching.
  • MCA LAB is equipped with 100 mbps switched network. All systems are equipped with 10/100 mbps Ethernet cards.
  • 5 wireless access points are placed in building to serve wireless needs.
  • MCA LAB provides Mysql database sever, Apache2 &Tomcat servlet runner, Netbeans IDE, Codeblocks IDE ,Linux based Pentium Dual core systems.

Value Addition Programs :

  • Workshop on current trends of IT
  • Personality development Program
  • Technical talk by Industry Experts
  • Aptitude and Skill development Program
  • Seminars
  • Projects

Computer Lab :
The computer lab with fully equipped instruments like LCD monitors, all required software's and Internet access is provided.
The Electronics lab is equipped with Digital Trainer kits.

Class Room :
The Institute has very specious class rooms. Equipped with all Teaching Aids like LCD projectors, speakers, OHP, traditional writing board.

Salient Features:

  • Well-qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Career guidance and placement assistance.
  • Training in effective communication and personality development.
  • Well-equipped lab with the latest computer and other peripherals
  • Computer library with latest books and periodicals.
  • Classes with audio visual aids.
  • Wi-Fi internet facility.

Dr. Vasudev T

Manjunath B
Teaching Faculty
Sl Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Vasudev T MCA, M.Sc (Tech), Ph.D  Professor 
2 Manjunath B MCA Asso. Professor 
3 Chandrajith M MCA Asso. Professor 
4 Subrahmanya R A MCA Asso. Professor 
5 Thejaswini M N MCA Asst. Professor 
6 Pavithra T S MCA Asst. Professor 
7 Ashwin H M MCA Asst. Professor 
8 Amos R MCA Asst. Professor 
9 Arvind G MCA Asst. Professor 
10 Indumathi R S MCA Asst. Professor 
11 Kumara Swamy B V MCA Asst. Professor 
12 Murali Manohar MCA Asst. Professor 
Technical and Non-Technical Staff
Sl Faculty Name Designation
1 Mahalakshmi.M. Lab Instructor
2 Shivakumar.K.G. Asst./Driver
3 Mahesh A M Lab Instructor

Methodology of Teaching

  • A proper lesson plan is meticulously designed in advance for every subject and implemented
  • Both Modern(LCD, OHP) and Traditional method(Black Board) of teaching has been imparted against the necessity
  • A Scheduler of Events is prepared in advance and is circulated among all the faculties and students about Internals, Extra curricular activities, Training etc.
  • Extra care is taken to ensure each and every student has been given fair chance to participate in different activities like seminars, presentation etc.
  • Guest faculties and Executive trainers has been called on to the campus to train students on real time situations like Group Discussion, Interviews, Aptitude test etc
  • A 360 degree appraisal method has been implemented successfully to ensure a smooth relationship between faculties and students.
  • Institute has taken special initiative to conduct Value Addition Course during vacation as well as during regular course of the college.
  • Regular assignments and Improvement tests are conducted for all subjects concerned as a preparatory one before the final examinations.
Initiative and Innovative practices at MIT
  • Institute sends its students and also completely sponsors to attend the seminars and conference at outside locations.
  • The Hidden talents of the students are unearthed by the institute which has been rewarded suitably.
  • Departmental quiz competition is being conducted to build general knowledge of the students (both current affairs and business).
  • Students are divided into group and they are assigned with different projects and same is evaluated at regular interval.
  • A separate class is allotted every week, in which every student need to talk on new technology and his understanding about the same.
FOSS Group
  • Educate the student to know more about Free and Open Source Software’s like Linux and their application
  • Encouraging the students to do projects apart from their academic subjects
  • Almost all of their practical are done in Linux environment.
Developmental Activities for Teachers and Staff

Being understood the fact "the fulcrum of any institute are efficient faculties and staff", the institute has taken huge initiative to develop the skills of the faculty and staff by regular inhouse and outside training and also encourages its faculties and staff members through sponsored program to attend seminars and conferences at different locations either as participants or in the form of contender (Presenting Papers).


The secret of the well established institute lies with the positive mindset of the students, which reflects in its achievements. As such, the institute periodically conducts counseling for all of its students that would effect his academic and personal growth. A feedback from either side paves way for a strong bondage and best harmony between the institute as well with the students and that would result in excel in its standards set.

The official name of MCA Association of Maharaja Institute of Technology, Mysore will be “teaMCAzal”.
To facilitate quality education to equip and enrich young men and women to meet global challenges in development, innovation and application of technology in the service of humanity.Our programme aims to create hard – core professionals enriched with deep knowledge and high – level expertise in modern technology by
  • Engaging them in co-curricular activities which would give an opportunity to acquire a board knowledge base.
  • Exposing the students to a range of activities which would help them in learning the current day technology.
  • Encouraging the students to gain experience in applying their knowledge and to think creatively and independently to take real world scenarios.

The club will serve to:
  • Prepare students for careers in Software Engineering and allied Technologies in present day world.
  • Equip students with reasoning and quantitative skills so that they can formulate and solve engineering problems relevant to present day world.
  • Develop student’s abilities to communicate effectively, to synthesize information and to work collaboratively.
  • Prepare students so that they are aware of the global, social, ethical and professional issues in the practice of engineering.


The executive committee shall consist of the following:
  • Chair Person - The Principal
  • President - Head of MCA Department
  • Secretary - Prof. Chandrajith M
  • Treasurer - Prof. FarhaFathima S. A
Secretary, Treasurer and student representatives shall be nominated every year in a rotational basis. The Principal of the Institution and Head of MCA Department will hold the respective posts by default.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive(s)
1. The Chair Person:
  • a. Be the chief executive of the organization.
  • b. Serve as the liaison between the organization and the administrative offices.
  • c. Perform any administrative power or duty not provided for in this constitution.

2. The President:
  • a. Oversee the other members of the executive in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • b. Chair all meetings.
  • c. Have signing authority for the club.

3. The Secretary:
  • Assist the president in his duties.
  • Assume all powers of the President in his absence.
  • Be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings.

4. The Treasurer:
  • Maintaining and responsible for overseeing all financial dealings of the club.
  • Have financial authority for the club.
  • Assume powers to take independent decisions on expenditures with 5% of annual inflow.

Student Representatives

Students from every semester will be nominated as representatives for the various committees in Club by the executive committee. Tasks assigned to the committees shall be coordinated by a faculty member. Members Semester Contact No Roles and Responsibilities
1 Rajesh Kumbar 6th Sem +919632483915 Expert Lectures
2 Tejashri 6th Sem +917204119667 Industrial Visits
3 Hariprasad 4th Sem +919164369521 Training Programme
4 Tejashwini.B.L 4th Sem +918904856823 Alumni Interaction
5 Yashaswini.M.S 4th Sem +919916623199 teaMCAzal
6 Yashaswini k 4th Sem +919731139219 Career Guidance
7 Shambhavi 4th Sem +917204674419 Sports
8 Prathap 4th Sem +919901736362 Sports
9 Deepak 2th Sem +919741395371 Workshop
10 Dhanya K.N 2th Sem +917760395543 Cultural Activities
11 Shreelakshmi 2th Sem +919035099086 Technical Fest


It is official name of MCA association of maharaja institute of technology. teaMCAzal specifies “Family tree” Members of association are the alumini’s and the present student of MCA department. alumini’s because we want whole of MCA family to be connected.

Logo specifies the association name. it was developed by MCA department and much contribution was provided by Dheeraj,Vivek and Sudarshan,4thsem MCA.

The idea behind logo is,MCA association teaMCAzal is part of maharaja institute of technology There are two parts:

  • One is tree part – tree signifies connecting creative minds. Tree also signifies the shelter which means many students come to department, they could live here for some span of time,they will occuire the knowledge and grow and after a span of time they will take shelter of other tree which is nothing but some industry
  • The other is name part teaMCAzal, team cazalis under MIT maharaja institute of techonology when MCA was started there were only two faculties one is vasu sir and another is manjunath sir. They both act as base for our department.

Review and amendment of constitution

For at least every three years, review committee shall be formed and amendment of the constitution may be done according to changing trends and requirements and convened with the required written notice of the proposal for intermediate reviews.


  • Expert Lectures
    Lecturers by experts from industries and premier academic institutes. Technical talks have to be arranged.

  • Training programme/Workshops
    Conduction of programme to facilitate improvement of skills n various areas for the students (technical, behavioral, communication etc.)

  • Industrial visits and tour
    Organizing visits and tours to industries to expose students to working environments.

  • TeaMCAzal Day
    It is mainly organized to welcome the new members to the association and to showcase the knowledge, skill, prowess and talent of members to other students within and outside the institution.

  • Carrier Guidance/Placements
    Organizing career guidance program to members which would help them is choosing their path.

  • Sports
    Conduction of various sport events for the members of the club on the account of CLUB day. To be deemed as a platform in selection of teams and athletes representing department inter-department sport meet.

  • Technical fest “Thantragnyan”
    • Vision of Thantragnyan 2013 is to share, spread and acquire knowledge. Thantragnyan is a platform, where technical students from various institutes will share technical knowledge and discuss innovative /research related ideas.
    • Thantragnyan will be the right platform to narrow the gap between advanced technology and academics.
    • Apart from gaining knowledge, students can show case their technical talent by competing with other students.

Terms and conditions

  • Membership is mandatory for all students of MCA department.
  • All non-teaching and teaching staff will be the members of club.
  • There shall be minimum 3 student representative from each semester who would be nominated by staff members.
  • All activities in department will be conducted under teaMCAzal banner.
  • There would be a membership fee per year for all students decided by executive committee.
  • All activities under the club require a written approval by the President.
  • No event/ activities to be conducted under the banner without prior approval.
  • Should not misuse association name and logo by the members.


  • Vision of Thantragnyan 2013 is to share, spread and acquire knowledge. Tantragnyan is a platform, where technical students from various institutes will share technical knowledge and discuss innovative/research related ideas.
  • Thantragnyan will be the right platform to narrow the gap between advanced technology and academics.
  • Events in Thantragnyan are designed in such a way that each and every person from computer science related branches can participate.
  • Apart from gaining knowledge, students can show case their technical talent by competing with other students.


CODE conquer:
  • Round 1: "Bug-C ".
    Problem given, locate the errors and debug.
    Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Round 2: "Dig-C ".
    Programs provided with system, Code has to be optimized.
    Analysis should be provided. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Round 3: "Yoch-C ".
    Problem statement/s given with the system, find the solution optimally and accurately.
    Duration: 90 minutes
QUERY Maharaj:
"Brain Bugging For Data Digging...".

  • Number of Rounds : 3 
  • Number of Participants in a Team: 2
  • Total time duration: 3 hrs
"Crack it to Track it…!!!".

  • Event consists of 3 rounds.
  • 2 participants from each team.
  • Time duration for the event: 3 hours 30 minutes.
"An arch between you and Tech..!".

  • Number of Participants : 1 
  • Paper format should not exceed more than 8 pages, with 1 inch margin. 
  • It should be in MS Word (2007/2010) based on IEEE format.
"Reel in Reality…."

  • Number of Rounds:2
  • Number of participants/team:2
  • Total time duration:2
"Battle Between Brains".
  • Number of Rounds : 3
  • Number of Participants /Team: 2
  • Total time duration:2:00 hrs
  • Mandatory Event to consider overall championship.
  • Introduce yourself and your team in a wacky way. 
  • Theme for the event is Life without Technology.
  • Use of audio, video and ppt is allowed.

Staff Coordinator:

Manjunath B(9620228107)

Student Coordinator
Dheemanth K.S(9945682903)

Transport Coordinator:

MCA 2015-2018 Batch